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Mainline sees the light and the potential of solar

Posted January 3, 2018

Mainline were the first hire company to purchase Britain’s first solar lighting tower and it has been a resounding success with potential to appeal to a wide market.

Morris Site Machinery, whose team designed and built the SMC Solar-2, has sold a number of the lighting towers to Mainline enabling us to offer our customers the latest equipment and technology.

We have already hired the lights to Wavin UK where they provide the perfect solution to a problem Wavin were experiencing in their lorry park.

Unlike hybrid competitor models the Solar- 2 offers the ultimate in green efficiency and associated cost savings. It operates eight times longer than a hybrid model and generates a carbon saving up to 3,000kg per year, and can save users up to £7,400 per year on maintenance and fuel costs. The lighting tower has currently been operating at the Wavin depot for over 350 hours with no recharge required.

The SMC Solar-2 was an ideal solution as it is solar and battery operated and has no engine so it provides 100% fuel saving, emits zero CO2 , zero noise and requires minimal service.

Our Managing Director, Keith Williams, said: “We like to take a lead in our business. We saw the appeal of innovative and eco-friendly lighting which offered economic solutions for our customers. The solar lighting towers are low maintenance and cost-effective and have proved a real success. We are very happy with our purchase.”

Keith added: “We have a wide ranging customer base and we believe more will see the benefits of using solar lighting towers to reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bills.  Most responsible businesses want to improve their green credentials so there is a growing demand for more sustainable equipment.”

Robin Parkin, UK Sales Manager at Morris Site Machinery said: “We are delighted with the positive feedback to our SMC Solar-2 lighting tower. It reinforces the faith we have in this equipment and its potential to transform the way the industry operates”.

“Solar-2 delivers on many levels because it is sustainable, reliable, robust and economic. The technology means that even in a UK climate, not noted for its sunshine, it can use solar energy efficiently and effectively.”

Its high quality LED lamps provide 100,000 hours of life. The four high lumens LED lamps give clean crisp light with 360 degree coverage.

With both battery and mains supply provision, it offers flexible options for all site applications. The machine itself has a ten year life and is completely recyclable.